Can You Add Oil When Engine is Running? A Deep Examination

can you add oil when engine is running

Can you add oil when the engine is running? No, it’s not advisable. Engines operate at high temperatures, especially after being driven for a while. Pouring oil into a hot engine can lead to inaccurate readings since the oil expands when heated. This might lead you to believe that the engine has more oil than … Read more

The Importance of Windshield Washer Fluid: You Need to Know

the importance of windshield washer fluid you need to know

The Importance of Windshield Washer Fluid: Essential for Safety and System Maintenance. Windshield washer fluid plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers. By maintaining a clear and debris-free windshield, it provides an unobstructed view of the road. Beyond its cleaning capabilities, this fluid serves as a lubricant for the … Read more

Oil Light Came on and Car Won’t Start: Reasons And Solutions

oil light came on and car won't start

When the oil light illuminates on your dashboard and your car refuses to start, it can be a distressing situation. This warning light is primarily a signal of potential issues related to the oil pressure in your vehicle. In many vehicles, the oil light serves as an indicator of oil pressure rather than oil level. … Read more

STP S3614XL Oil Filter Compatibility Guide

stp s3614xl oil filter compatibility guide

The STP oil filter s3614xl is compatible with a range of vehicles. Feedback from various users suggests that this particular oil filter fits models such as the 2006 Toyota Highlander, 2015 Ford Edge, 2012 Mazda 3, 2002 Toyota Sequoia, 2005 Ford Focus, and 2008 Tacoma among others. On the flip side, it is important for … Read more

Assessing Linseed Oil’s Lifespan on Cars: The Full Insight

how long does linseed oil last on a car

Linseed oil on a car typically lasts for a few months. Its effectiveness can vary depending on several factors. Hey there! Ever wondered about the perks of using linseed oil on your car? Linseed oil is known for its natural protective qualities. But, like everything, it has its own shelf-life. Now, don’t expect it to … Read more

Fuel Pump Lock Ring Issues: Steps to Get It Back On

fuel pump lock ring wont go back on

If your fuel pump lock ring won’t go back on, it’s often due to a few common issues. Misalignment, wear and tear, and corrosion are primary culprits. Misalignment can happen during the removal or installation process. This often occurs if the procedure wasn’t done with careful attention. A slightly misplaced lock ring won’t fit correctly, … Read more

Oil Intrusion: Reasons Behind Oil Presence in Transmission Fluid

why is there oil in my transmission fluid

Oil in your transmission fluid can indicate various issues, from leakage to seal failure. These problems can have serious consequences if left unattended, potentially leading to more significant damage to your vehicle’s transmission system. Leakage could be a sign of weak or damaged seals in the transmission system. The seals are designed to keep oil … Read more

Where Should Oil Be on Dipstick When Cold?

where should oil be on dipstick when cold

The oil level on the dipstick should be between the recommended lines, regardless of whether the engine is cold or hot. Topping off the engine should be done with the same type of oil that’s currently in the system. The relation of engine oil and dipstick level in a cold engine is a fundamental aspect … Read more

Can I Put E85 In My Dodge Charger?

can i put e85 in my dodge charger

Whether you can put E85 in your Dodge Charger depends on if the vehicle is flex-fuel capable. Not every Charger can safely use this type of fuel. Your Dodge Charger might be eligible to run on E85 if it is a flex-fuel model. If uncertain, one straightforward way to verify is by checking the inside … Read more